Monday, May 3, 2021


60" x 2050 ft.

ST1250  ...... another successful delivery on the lakefront.


Steel Mill > High Temperature Conveyor Belt Delivery ..... 

Always a good day when you are successfully delivering (2) large

elliptical reels of Conveyor Belt .... 3,260 ft. .....48,000 #

Monday, March 29, 2021

       American Chemical Technologies  ....

                   CONVEYOR BELT DIVISION 

      Is very proud to announce our new association with 

      FLEXCO ... offering their complete line of products, 

      with heavy concentration and emphasis on their 

      Engineered line of Conveyor Components and 

      Industry Leading Impact Beds, Trainers, Belt Cleaners

      and other exciting products.

     We will be a Stocking Location at our Gary Facility and 

     we will be offering field training, installation, and field

     consultation and project coordination.

              GIVE US A CALL and IMPROVE your

                    CONVEYOR PERFORMANCE  !!!

                    Joining our other product partners:



Thursday, February 25, 2021


This is how all days should end ....

Receiving a picture from your business partner who is out at a customer for you while I’m home recovering from Achilles surgery .... and he snaps the perfect picture of the sun setting over a 
48” x 1600 ft. of heavy duty belt we just delivered !! In the Belt Doctor’s world it doesn’t get much better than this!

But it did ... today was really a great day ... we delivered just under 2,000 ft. of belt today, while taking (5) new orders for belts totaling another 3,850 ft.

Bada Bing !!!!

Thanks Ross ..... 

Monday, February 8, 2021

Teamwork !!!!

Off for several weeks following Achilles surgery ...
It’s with a great sigh of relief getting  a picture text of a Truck
leaving with (5) orders headed into a NW Indiana Steel Mill!
Awesome when back up plans work and your Team steps up in your absence  .....

Customers don’t miss the level of service they are used to and 
I can confidently work on rehab !

Thanks Ross, Lance and Kolt !!!

Gary Hanson 
“ the Belt Doctor “

Fleet Enhancement ....

CONVEYOR BELT DIVISION of American Chemical Technologies is adding another TRUCK to our Product and Services Support Team at the Gary Warehouse and Sales/Service Center.

The Dodge 5500 Heavy Duty Diesel Flat Bed ( our workhorse ) now has a complimentary Chevy 2500 HD Diesel to supplement smaller deliveries and critical Service calls ... adding to the other two Suburbans rounding out our Gary Sales/Service Center Fleet. 

At our Howell, Michigan Corporate Office and Warehouse and Rolling Oil Blending Facility ... 
we have several Tractor Trailers with Tankers, Flatbeds and Box Trucks. In addition we have smaller box truck and stake bed and a GMC 2500 Pick up Truck for Product and Service calls in Michigan.

                        " Pride in Personal Service"

             " Meeting our Customer's Expectations - Daily "

Wednesday, January 13, 2021


    Emergency Call out for Breakdown ...

   Pride in Personal Service ....

   Reliability is at the Core of our Commitment!